About the Brand

YS collection brand has been established in 2013. A creative director of the brand is Yerdenova Saltanat who is 24 years old. She has graduated from SOAS university in London, “Management” Degree. However, after finishing the university, she decided to work not by her degree but as a fashion designer as she was dreaming about it since her childhood. She has been always passionate about fashion industry and beautiful couture pieces. Over the last two years, YS collection brand has become popular not only in Kazakhstan but in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, England, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

YS collection makes evening wear for girls and women for age 18-35. The brand is distinguished by its magnificence, feminine style, beautiful fabric and uncommon design. YS collection women is very successful, sexy and she knows what she wants and she chooses YS collection as she likes the attention.